I am fascinated with transformed spaces. In the midst of a renovation to accommodate office and meeting space for Dynamic Life, I am nostril-filled with drywall dust and am surrounded in chaos. We don’t have a truly functional space as of yet, but we have the dream of one – a vision … and we are close. Each day we tackle what is next, and each day we see the transformation. Sometimes it is a rapid progression and other times it is achingly slow. The poly-filled walls are not flawless and show their blips in certain lights, but I have come to admire the irregularities that lurk beneath the Brewster Grey paint and have decided that perfection is over-rated. Some projects are do-it-yourself tasks that I am comfortable dealing with, but I know when to call for professional support, and together we tackle the heavier, more complicated work.        Our lives may require renovation – sometimes a renewing lick of paint is all that is needed to return our life to its former lustre. Other times it involves some messy structural and foundational changes for true transformation and wholeness, and like with any renovation, things may feel worse in our lives for a time before they begin to feel better. Some of the work is do-it-yourself while other work is benefitted by professional help. Perfection is not what we seek, as we all have our poly-filled moments that chart our journeys with texture, but instead, we long for the insights, healing, and ability to live and to love – whole-heartedly.                                                               When the work is done, and the space is transformed, we can live/work in that place – we can enjoy it and use it. And because we more than survived the renovation experience we know that future renos will help us adapt and renew with more TLC. We can function in wholeness, dealing with the ever-evolving needs and changes that continue to crop up through the wear-and-tear of this one wild and beautiful life!                                                                                                                                                                                         



... bring it on!!