About Us

Dynamic Life is a multi-faceted life consulting business. By multi-faceted, we offer counselling for individuals, couples and groups. As well as presentations and workshops on a variety of topics. Life consulting encompasses life coaching, counselling, presentations, and workshops. We meet you where you're at and offer options to help you heal, grow and thrive in life!

We value: 

    • Dynamic Life – Hence the name of our business! But in general, we like to experience health and well-being that is energetic, vibrant, full of life, and active!
    • A Holistic Approach – We think it is important to look at our life as an integrated whole. Rather than focusing on body, soul, mind, and spirit individually, we like to consider how they interact with each other.
    • Creativity – Every person, group, or situation is unique and therefore we appreciate creativity in therapeutic relationship, presentation style, and group opportunity. 
    • Intentionality – Every situation in our lives offers us the opportunity for growth or decay. We value empowerment to see the options and the intentional movement towards health and thriving!
    • Insight – Whether in a counselling relationship or group presentation, we value the motivation and hope that insight can inspire. Through listening, education, personal stories, and consideration of life experiences, we create the opportunity for insight and then offer skills and tools to further develop your understanding and growth in life. 
    • Relationship – Life is about relationships. Relating with ourselves, those around us, and our environment is a daily reality. We value good communication for healthy relationships and appreciate that communicating is learning to listen, empathize, and respond well. 
    • You! – Whether you are an individual, couple, or group - you have unique circumstances, abilities, experiences, and desires for this journey of life! 

 Sonja Bristow, RPC 

  Registered Professional Counsellor

I love counselling! 

Thriving in our lives is not always a given. We all require opportunity, tools and skills to navigate life well. As a counsellor I feel privileged to share in people's challenges and stuck places, and strive to support client expression and healing - helping to nurture growth, embrace hope, and encourage and celebrate progress.

I see counselling both as a supportive relationship and a creative, empowering craft that can be instrumental in promoting personal healing, growth and wellness. Helping clients respond authentically in positive and intentional ways to their life circumstances – whatever they may be - is very satisfying work. 

Before professional training in the counselling field I had a background in education, and homeschooled my four cherubic (now adult) children for a span of ten years. After publishing a book with my daughter (who was born with a cleft lip and palate) to emotionally support families experiencing this same challenge, I experienced a growing interest in professional counselling and producing relevant and creative support resources and curriculum to those who are navigating their own life journeys. 

I love the outdoors, running, hiking, travelling, reading and sharing great books, and preparing and consuming fantastic foods with friends and family. I have great respect for the human body and brain, recognizing that when adequately supported, they often respond with an innate setting towards healing and wholeness. 

Contact me: sonja@dynamiclife.ca

Sonja is the co-author of Making Faces: Logan’s Cleft Lip and Palate Story, a book written to support cleft-affected families. It was written as a collaborated effort with her daughter, Logan, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. Published in 2007, it is a comprehensive story documenting the surgeries and treatment experiences growing up (from birth to age 17) with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. They have partnered with AboutFace International in publishing this book and it is being made available to every child born with a cleft through pediatric centers across Canada.