We're in for Some Blustery Weather...

October 30, 2012


As winter flexes its muscles, we can expect inclement weather that requires us to bundle up and brace ourselves for the inevitable storms. My husband, Laurie, feels the weather changes acutely when he is out cycling, and has come up with an intricate method of deciding what specific riding gear best matches the temperatures and wind chill factor.

 While at Mountain Equipment Co-op on the quest to find a heavier cycling jacket we encountered a very helpful clerk. Exchanging small talk re: winter riding he said something quite profound ...“There is no bad weather – just bad gear!”

 Bad gear does not prepare us for the storm. Bad gear does not protect us from the deluge. Bad gear leaves us exposed and vulnerable to the worst that the storm can bring.

 In the inevitable storms of life we are frequently rocked by bad weather – a failed marriage, a rocky job-transition, grief and loss of a loved one, difficulty with parenting, depression, anxiety…

 What if we equipped ourselves with the appropriate gear so that we could weather the storms in strength? What if we sought the support, the help, education and counselling that we may need for a season that can otherwise leave us exposed, cold and battered? With the right support, tools and perspectives, our life storms can turn into valued experiences – experiences that teach us important truths, provide us with deeper insights, and allow us to develop awareness and resiliency that will serve us well into the future.

 As storms are approaching let’s keep in mind that “There is no bad weather – just bad gear!”

… and let’s choose to “gear-up!”



October 2, 2012

The new year has never been, for me, something that started in January. September is the month - the smell of fresh pencils and unmarred school supplies harkens in the promise of new beginnings. The crispness that attaches itself to the lingering gold of late summer reminds me that change is afoot! Changes of season, changes of clothes, and changes of scheduling. . . these changes bring new routines, challenges and resolutions that I never connect with January first. This particular fall seas...

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Blackberries or Awe?

July 23, 2012
"Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries."

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning
   Aurora Leigh

Each day provides moments for richness, laughter, peace, delight, joy, inspiration, purpose, passion! But, how many times do we end our days or live our days with a sense of "tomorrow". Tomorrow I'll do, tomorrow I'll spend, tomorrow I'll play or laugh or invest in relationship.

It seems to me that we...
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Transformed Spaces

March 12, 2012

I am fascinated with transformed spaces. In the midst of a renovation to accommodate office and meeting space for Dynamic Life, I am nostril-filled with drywall dust and am surrounded in chaos. We don’t have a truly functional space as of yet, but we have the dream of one – a vision … and we are close. Each day we tackle what is next, and each day we see the transformation. Sometimes it is a rapid progression and other times it is achingly slow. The poly-filled walls are not flawless an...

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Someone Somewhere

February 1, 2012


As I tied my running shoes I noticed the black socks I was wearing. My thought was, "Someone somewhere would be appalled at this fashion choice!"

Then I went for a run and had a good chuckle thinking about my keen fashion sense. And while I ran I thought of how many "someone somewhere" thoughts influence not living life with greater abandon. 

I don't want to live life under the shadow of "someone somewhere" and today that means launching this website even if it isn't complete.

Here's to Dynamic...
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